UI What is it?


You may have heard of UI in tech-related circles but UI encompasses much more than your favorite app. UI can be applied to anything. Your stove has UI, so does your TV remote. UI is an abbreviation for User Interface. UI is the way that a user interacts with a product. While it seems like it’s not a huge deal UI is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to influence user behavior. 


Take Google for example. We all know that Google tracks our location via our smartphones, but do you know how to turn that tracking feature off? If you said no don’t worry. You’re in the majority of people. Within the fine print next to the box you checked when downloading google maps, Google wrote in that they have the right to log your location, but that the user can turn that feature off. The tracking features controls are usually hidden deep within the app, intentionally making it harder to find and turn off. That is the power of user interface. It’s the ability to intentionally steer a user’s focus towards, or away from something and the power lies in the point of focus.


At its best, UI is intuitive. It provides massive amounts of value to the user and makes using the product easier and more enjoyable. At its worst, it’s manipulative. 


How can I make use of UI?

The easiest way to make use of UI in your agency is by creating a customer journey map. If you were a customer what would be the steps you take to purchase your product? Walk yourself through these steps and make tweaks and adjustments along the way to make the process a much simpler and easier one.

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