What is Traditional Marketing? 

When it comes to defining what makes up traditional marketing, it can be a little difficult. Simply because traditional marketing is very broad. There’s a lot of different elements that make up this form of marketing. However, most forms can fall under a few categories. This being, print, direct mail, telephone, and broadcast. 

Print Marketing

Print Marketing is considered the oldest form of marketing. People, from many generations ago, have been using print as a form to market to their surrounding peers. Typically, print marketing is done through the use of magazines, newspapers, and  posters. This is all done to reach consumers indirectly. 

Direct Mail 

Similar to print media, direct mail marketing still uses print materials. However, these materials do differ. Direct mail uses postcards, brochures, catalogs, and letters. These materials are sent directly to consumers through their mail. This allows for targeted materials, since the consumers are receiving the material themselves. tradtional_marketing


This form of marketing is pretty straightforward. It involves the direct calling of consumers to relay information about products or services in an attempt to convince them to purchase the mentioned product. It’s important to mention that this form of marketing has come under fire in recent years. Thus, strict laws have been passed by the U.S federal government to limit some marketing tactics. 

Broadcast Marketing 

This form of marketing revolves around television and radio announcements. Most people have a commercial that sticks in their head, therefore making television marketing effective. The same goes for radio. While many people do not listen to the radio as much today. People listen to music on streaming services or listen to podcasts that have commercials attached to the platform. 

Who Uses Traditional Marketing 

Since many elements fall under traditional marketing, many different types of businesses can utilize this form of marketing in their business. It really depends on a marketing budget that a company sets. For instance a larger business might have the resources to develop commercials for TV broadcasting. On the flip side, a smaller business might stick to printed materials to attract customers. It’s important to mention, broadcasting media is not more effective than print. Both forms are effective, it just depends on the needs of the business and the customer demographic. 

How To Use Traditional Marketing

Marketing is a crucial part to running a successful business. Deciding how to devise a market strategy involves a lot of prior planning before implementing anything. For example, a business must decide who their target demographic is while deciding what employees will be running the marketing campaign. This process varies from business to business. It can present a lot of work and be challenging for many businesses. This is where the Nerds at QuoteNerds can come into help. QuoteNerds offers many different marketing services that aim to build success within a business. The Nerds marketing services cover many of the different elements listed above. For instance, the Nerds can help design and create direct mail marketing campaigns. They help with the hard part of marketing. They are the experts and know this field. Trusting them is a safe option for any business.