Lead Types

Our goal is to create lasting bonds with our customers built on trust, quality, and service.

Live Call Transfers

Instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel, we cultivate and connect you with live callers as they’re looking for services.

  • Auto
  • Auto Warranty
  • Home
  • Health
  • Medicare
  • Solar

Super Saving Leads (Real Time)

Create chemistry between quality leads and a healthy budget! Real time auto leads are generated via the Internet and have a high receptivity to quotes. Prospects can be called/texted for up to 90 days, which means no scrubbing required. TCPA and DNC compliant. 

Choose from $1, $3-$6, and $7-$10 leads.  

Creative Filtering Options Available!

  • Auto
  • Commercial
  • Health
  • Home
  • Legal
  • Life
  • Mortgage
  • Solar
  • Warranty

Click-to-Call Leads

No need to experiment with C2C on your own! The QuoteNerds team has a scientific approach to getting your phones to ring! Our role is to get buyers who are looking to purchase connected with you as quickly as possible. TCPA and DNC compliant.

  • Auto
  • Home (coming soon)

Aged Data

With prices starting out at 15 cents per record, our research shows that Aged Data is a valuable tool in supplying your agency with information. We offer one of the largest pools of aged Internet data on the market – which is why so many agencies keep coming back for more. Scrubbing is required for TCPA and DNC compliance.

  • Auto
  • Home 
  • Life 
  • Mortgage

    Direct Mail Marketing

    Our scientific method will have you connecting with customers straight through their mailboxes. Send physical mail to your consumer base. With this method, you can specifically target customer demographics and location to not only reach your audience but help it grow. Send your customers base catalogs, coupons, postcards, and so much more!

    • Easy To Use
    • Less Competition
    • Pairs With Digital Marketing
    • Builds Brand Loyalty 

      PPC Ad Management

      There’s no better chemistry than connecting with someone who’s already looking for your services. Our paid search ad calls make it easy. We help you maximize your ad budget -and- your time!

      • Home Services (HVAC, Plumbing, etc)
      • Insurance (Auto, Home, Life, Health)
      • Legal Advisors
      • Solar Companies
      • Warranty Companies
      • and more!

      Marketing Managed Services

      Marketing is an essential part of your operation – but who has time to manage all of the moving parts? Our mad scientists, of course!

      • Blogging
      • Direct Mail
      • Newsletters
      • SEO Management
      • Social Media Advertising
      • Social Media Management
      • Website Development

      Ready for Your PhD in Insurance Leads?