Relevant Content and SEO


Welcome back to our four-part series about why SEO matters to you, and how you can increase your rankings. For this week we will be discussing the connection between SEO and relevant content, and how creating, sharing, and posting relevant content can give you a boost.

So where do I start?

Before we can create relevant content we need to look into how our potential customers are searching, and the key phrases they’re using. This is where we try to get into the mind of the target audience. Think to yourself, if you were searching for your goods and services, what would you type into Google? If you’re looking for insurance then maybe you would type in “who has the best auto insurance plans near Pittsburgh”.

We have our key phrase so now what?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Now we need to create and distribute some relevant content. Content that answers the question “Who has the best auto insurance plans near Pittsburgh”. At this point, it’s time to start producing and distributing the most relevant content that best answers the search inquiry. That content can be anything from blog posts to images on a website. For instance, you could start by writing a blog post on your website. A blog post that that discusses and compares local auto insurance plans to find the “best”, plan in Pittsburgh. If you write it well enough, and if Google deems it as informative, then in theory you should be gifted with a ranked position on the search page for “who has the best auto insurance plans near Pittsburgh”.

How is posting Relevant Content going to help me?

Think about it like this. If someone is looking for the best auto insurance near Pittsburgh and they enter in the key phrase above, it is safe to say that individual is in a buying mindset. They are obviously shopping for the best auto insurance near them. Now if you can manage to get them to your blog post then congratulations you have a lead on your website.

The Takeaway on Relevant Content and SEO

The most important lesson to take away from this post is that answering questions is what creates relevant content. If you choose the right key phrases, and you answer those key phrases with the best answer then you will get ranked accordingly. While creating great content is important, it’s not everything. Stay tuned for the next segment where we discuss how building a trustworthy site can really increase your potential for earning new customers. Can’t wait for the next post? Then give us a shout at where we can have a more in-depth conversation about using SEO to maximize your ROI.

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