Are you a sales agent that’s constantly looking for a way to challenge your skills? Do you have a competitive nature that’s just dying to get out? Well, the Nerds at Quote Nerds have developed a brand new idea and we’re excited to share it with you. It’s the Rockstar Role-Play Contest! 

Role Play Challenge

As you know, we already offer live training sessions: Thirsty Thursdays and Freaky Fridays. Putting our minds together, we are announcing a new element to our training sessions. We love to see agents from all over improve their selling skills each week. Now, we want to present the ultimate contest. Thus, the Rockstar Role-Play Contest was created. Once a month, agents will compete against each other through role-playing scenarios. These different situations will present unique challenges that agents will have to navigate around using their savviest of skills. During the event, agents will be judged on their skills and determination. In the end, only one agent will remain victorious!  Winners will walk away feeling great and get a sweet prize, personally curated by the Nerds! Additionally, agents can choose their involvement. They can be contestants, judges, or observers. 

How This Contest Works

As mentioned above, this contest will be held monthly. It will take place on the second Friday of each month at 2:30 EST. It will be held over zoom, like our other training sessions, for an hour. It’s absolutely free for agents to participate or watch. It’s super easy to sign up too. Agents can pick whatever role they wish to play and enjoy the competition. We had our first run of the competition on February 12th. The next event will take place on March 12th. We can confidently say that all those involved had a great time! Additionally, every six months we will hold the playoff event! This event will be intense and previous winners will compete against each other. 

To Wrap It Up

The Nerds love to inspire sales agents to strive to their fullest potential. This competition is a great way for agents to test their skills, meet other people in the industry, and have an hour of fun during the workweek. Those who sign up, have nothing to lose! It’s free to join and winners will receive a cool prize. We encourage agencies to bring their whole team to this monthly event. The next event is taking place on March 12th at 2:30 EST. It’s 100% free to participate. Sign up and get ready to watch the battle unfold! 

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