When it comes to leads, managing them should not cause headaches. However, many agents find themselves lost and confused about what to do with their leads. Not all leads are the same. This means, there are different methods that agents can take to utilize them successfully. A problem arises in determining what methods are best. How can one agent know every route to take with their leads? That’s where the Nerds come in and save the day.  Knowledge deserves to be shared. It’s why the Nerds do Freaky Fridays! Improve your lead management skills with our live training sessions. 

 What Are Freaky Fridays?  

Fridays get absolutely freaky with the Nerds. You’ve heard of mad scientists but you haven’t seen true madness until tuning into the live training sessions.  We love learning and go crazy to make sure everyone leaves feeling quite knowledgeable! When signing up for this training be prepare for an intense session like you’ve never seen before.

During these sessions, participates will learn how to deal with any obstacle thrown their way. This means agents will learn about common objections from clients and the best ways to handle them. The Nerds know not everything is straight forward with leads. We take the necessary precautions to make sure that agents are prepared for anything. On top of this, agents will learn helpful tips and tricks to maximize their productivity while optimizing their sales goals. Not mention, these training agents will be able to act out different scenarios with the Nerds. The goal is to mimic situations that agents could face in their day-to-day. This practice instills confidence in agents and helps them better handle real-life problems that they face. These scenarios can get a little wacky. The Nerds like to keep things fun and light-hearted so everyone has a good time.

 When Are These Live Sessions?  

This is important information right here. Every Friday is considered to be freaky and thus, a training session is held. Every single live training session is held over a zoom call. So, join from your office or home. No matter where you are, take part. Most importantly, these meetings occur at 2:30 EST. Something to note here is that the Nerds love sharing their bountiful skills, so they offer this training for FREE! This is a win-win situation for agents everywhere. They get to join for a full hour of knowledge at no cost to them!

 Sign Up and Join Fridays 

The Nerds not only provide high-quality leads but also provide the needed information to manage them. Through our live training sessions, agents can leave their lead worries behind and enjoy a wacky hour of precious information!