If you’re a sales agent you know that your days can be unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen when you follow up on a lead. Phones call with prospects can go smoothly or go south real fast. Agents need to be prepared for both situations. On the off chance that a lead does go south, agents might get discouraged. They might try harder the next time to avoid this situation. Having the right skills and knowledge is what can set an agent on a different path for their next prospects. Here are five selling hacks that sales agents should know in order to successfully land a sale. 

1. Less Options = Quicker Results

For a lot of people, more options means more freedom. While this sounds like a good thing, and it typically it is, it can be disastrous for insurance agents. When presented with a lot of options, people tend to start to weigh the value of each of those options. For example, let’s say you’re buying a TV. You go to the store with the intent of leaving with said TV. However, you get there and see a wall full of the newest screens to hit the market. So, you start to examine each one, focusing on tiny details. Which one is priced the best? Which has the clearest picture. Is this the right size for the room? These questions boggle your mind and you soon become overwhelmed. You end up leaving the store empty handled because you need more time to consider. 

The same thing happens when you present too many options to your prospects. While dealing with a potential customer, if they are overwhelmed with options they may try to back out of the call. This means you lose the sale. The best route to go is to not bombard your buyer with a ton of options. Instead, in your call, try to get to know your prospect. From there tailor your pitch to what fits them best. Overall, limiting your presented options is the way to go. 

2. Focus On The Emotion

Humans are emotional. It’s what makes us well, human, right? When you’re trying to sell to a buyer, use an emotional pull first. There are many different emotions you can play into to get a buyer to go through with the sale. Pride and shame are just some examples. 

Going with the pride route, it’s important to convince the prospect that your policy will add greatly to their lives. Telling them that your life insurance policy will settle their anxious minds knowing that their family will be protected is a great tactic to get people thinking. 

If you lead with shame, it’s important to get a person’s mind rolling on the negative consequences. You’re selling a home insurance policy. You might ask them if they have funds to pay for someone’s injury if a friend got injured at their home. If they don’t have the funds, they have to deal with the shame of not being able to pay the medical fees. Without home insurance that is something that will have to consider. 

3. Remove The Sale

This sounds confusing but it’s actually pretty simple. The main takeaway is to create the idea that this sale is time-sensitive or exclusive. When talking to a person on the phone it’s important to mention that, right now, this particular policy might not be needed. However,  life is unpredictable. This particular health insurance policy might seem a little redundant, but if the past year has taught us anything is that life can be unpredictable. In the future, this buyer could need this policy but not get accepted cause situations can change. 

4. Build Up The Value 

When it comes to this tactic, don’t focus on selling by price. It’s become common practice to push the fact that someone is saving money. However, it’s important to add value to your policies. Get it into the buyer’s head that the value they receive will drastically outweigh the price. For most people, their family, peace of mind, honesty, and happiness are big valued items. Keep this in mind when selling. This hack ties into number two on this list. For instance, establish a level of fear of what would happen to their family if they didn’t purchase a life insurance policy. This alone can convince someone to move forward with a policy cause the consequence outweighs the total price. 

5. Reflect Your Prospects’ Behaviors. 

Mirroring behaviors can actually increase sales. It helps build up rapport and trust. Think about all the little traits you’ve picked up when you’re around other people. You do this to find some common ground with them. This tactic can be applied to making your sales and chasing leads. Let’s say you’re on the phone and you notice a client using a particular phrase over and over again. It might not be in your vocabulary but adding it in for the duration of the call is a smart idea. Use that phrase once or twice in your conversation with the buyer. Don’t overdo it as you might come off as creepy. 


Even the best salespeople need a little help once in a while. Hopefully, these five selling hacks sales agents should know are helpful. Implementing these tactics in your daily workday might help you avoid any sales going south. 

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