When it comes to making sales, there’s always room for unique challenges to present themselves. Nailing a sale doesn’t always mean smooth sailing. Sometimes a person gets wrapped up with the customer and loses track of their goals. Other times, a salesperson might get tripped up on the words or forget to include certain information. The Nerds, at QuoteNerds, are aware of this dilemma. The geniuses have come up with five lead selling tips to help you out! 

1. Use A Prospect’s First Name. 

This is a real simple tip, but it’s an effective one! When working with prospects it is important to establish connections with them. The best way to do this is addressing them by their first name. Using their first name frequently helps build rapport and a level of trust. This makes the person on the other end of sale feel more comfortable with you. If a prospect feels more relaxed during the sale, it’s likely going to end up going well for you! 

2. A Quick Minute. 

This next tip is a great one when dealing with prospects over the phone. Another simple tip, but again super useful to know! For this one, when calling a prospect make sure to tell them that this conversation will be a Lead_Selling_Tipsquick, helpful minute! A lot of people are busy throughout the day and don’t have time for lengthy phone calls. However, hearing that the conversation will be quick keeps them on the phone. Most people will have enough patience for something that’s quick, especially if it can save them money on insurance! 

3. Lead Management System. 

Every time a salesperson has a prospect it’s crucial to add their name to the agency’s Lead Management System. This helps your agency stay organized on their possible prospects. It’s the key to managing sales. Being organized is super important and can help lead to more sales down the road. 

4. Specifying A Line Of Insurance. 

To be clear, this is a tip for something you do not want to do. When giving your opening line to a prospect, do not specify a line of insurance. Simply,  just say insurance. Doing this won’t overwhelm the customers. It is generic enough that you will still pique their interest. They won’t have an initiative to shut a sales person down right away either. 

5. Introducing Yourself.

Just like the tip above, this is another one not to do. When talking to a prospect it’s important for a salesperson to not introduce themselves along with the name of their agency. Only do this if directly asked. While a salesperson can give their name to their prospects, it’s best to leave out the company name. The reason for this is that sometimes a prospect might be put off by the company name. They could think a salesperson isn’t truly trying to help, but just trying to make a sale. This could result in a person shutting down the conversation. 

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