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How Do Click-To-Call Leads Work?


Don’t worry, understanding how click-to-call works does not require an understanding of rocket science. It’s pretty straight forward. Click – to – call is a type of Google Ad.

It’s a magic button that when clicked, calls the number that’s linked on a website. People that are visiting a website can instantly connect to you via this button. (Check out the upper right-hand corner for ours!)

The great thing about click – to – call is the prospects that use them are already looking for your service.  Meaning your job as an agent gets a lot easier. So, if you’re looking to get your phone to ring off the hook. This is the lead type for you.

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Our click-to-call leads are fully functional and are compliant with TCPA and DNC regulations.

When it comes to leads the Nerds have got them down to an exact science!


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