6 Ways QuoteNerds Can Provide Your Business With Quality Leads

As a sales agent, you know how tough it is to find reliable leads that convert and don’t smell like spam. This is exactly where the mad scientists at QuoteNerds come into play. We know how important it is for a brand to generate as many leads as possible, so we’ve developed strategies and dived into all of the research to give you the highest quality leads for your insurance, mortgage or HVAC & Plumbing business.

Here are ways QuoteNerds can help you get more quality leads for your business.

Get More Quality Phone Calls

If you’re looking to dominate your local market and you’re not marketing to a local client base, you’re wasting your time and money. We help to identify strategies to increase phone calls to your business and help you gain more leads. Our goal is for your list to grow in order to build a robust client base.

Boost Brand Awareness 

With strategies in play, we help your business become the most recognizable in your area. We help you stand out from your competitors by establishing a dominant brand name that people remember and trust. By enhancing your digital presence, you can build a business empire using social media tools such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter. Also, by providing a consistent presence online, we help your brand dominate the market and be the market leader.

Build Your Recommendation Network

Online reviews are essential in helping to gain the trust of potential customers. We help businesses create a solid strategy for obtaining reviews and building an internal reputation management process. Our marketing consultants help you gain strong, reliable reviews to help you rank top-notch amongst your local competitors.

Engage Prospective Clients with Content

By creating helpful content that is meaningful to users, you can build your brand and increase prospective customers’ faith in your company’s skillset. We create significant content to optimize your business through social media, website pages, blogging, and Google My Business.

Technology Integration

We provide multiple tools to market your business. Using digital technology across multiple platforms increases your audience base. QuoteNerds plans and creates social media content, websites, optimization, blogs, emails, and advertising to build traffic to your company. More is better when it comes to marketing your business!

Reporting and Data Analysis

Our team is made up of data experts that break down the reports for your brand. Leave it to us to look at the intent traffic that comes from calls, clicks, and forms that you receive. Your company will gain a better understanding of each impression that comes from a potential customer. Also, grasping the data and reports will show you ways to get more business too.

In conclusion, QuoteNerds can help you find new leads for your business. Quality leads delivered on-demand—it sounds like every business’s dream come true. It is time to stop wondering how to find new business and start acting in ways that will ensure that clients come to you. You have options and QuoteNerds can help you make the best decision on how we can help you reach your sales goal(s) this year. QuoteNerds works hard to make quality lead generation a reality! Get in touch with us today!


Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Is One Better?

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Is One Better?

The right marketing strategy can make or break a business. It’s important to pour energy and money in the right direction that best represents the brand. However, when it comes to implementing the best marketing plan, it can be quite a challenge There are many questions that a marketing team finds themselves asking. A problem arises between which type of marketing is the shining path to take. In a digital world, most businesses are favoring the styles that come with digital marketing. However, traditional marketing has been the standard for years and is still successful today. A dilemma between the two types of marketing can form traditional vs digital marketing. Is one better? Is one going to produce more success than the other? The answer can be a little complicated. 

What Is Traditional Marketing? 

Before diving into the debate about which marketing style is better, it’s important to have an understanding of what traditional marketing encompasses. As previously stated, traditional marketing is nothing new. That’s why it’s referred to as traditional. These methods include: 

  • Print (Newspapers, magazines, etc.) 
  • Media ( TV, radio, etc.)
  • Telephone ( Cold calls, SMS marketing, etc.)
  • Direct Mail (catalogs, postcards, etc.) 
  • Outdoor ( Flyers, Billboards, etc.) 

What Is Digital Marketing? 

Learning what digital marketing encompasses is essential to understanding the impact it can have on a business. Digital marketing is much newer and has emerged over the last decade. Many businesses have adopted this form of marketing and it continues to grow throughout the marketing industry. There are many different methods that fall under this form of marketing. These methods include:

  • Social Media Marketing ( Videos, pictures, statuses shared via social media) 
  • Email Marketing ( promotional emails, newsletters, etc.) 
  • Search Engine Optimization (a strategy that places websites at the top of search results)
  • Paid Search ( sponsored content that appears at the top of search results)
  • Content Marketing ( informational blogs – like this!) 

Get To The Stats 

Most people believed that digital marketing is the way to go. This is due to the ever-growing digital world that consumes our daily lives. It’s reported that more than a quarter of U.S adults report being online “almost constantly”. This means the audience is there for digital marketing. Additionally, a 2019 poll by Marist College and National Public Radio found that 76% of adults in the United States shopped online. These numbers show that digital marketing is an effective way to reach an audience of consumers. If people are always online that means there is a higher chance for customers to see your emails, social posts, and websites. Given the past year, these numbers have likely increased with the global pandemic. Digital marketing is a very effective way to market to consumers. But, how does it compare to traditional marketing? Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has seen some slack in the past few years. Many marketers believe there is no value in marketing this way. In contrast, that is not true. It’s reported that 10% of American adults do not use the internet at all. While that might mean a small percentage of people, it’s actually an abundant amount. For example, let’s say the American population is 1,000,000 people. This means 10% of that population is 100,000 people. That means if a business doesn’t utilize traditional marketing they are missing an opportunity to reach 100,000 customers. Not to mention, only 10% of all US consumer spending is done online. This means most spending is still happening in physical stores despite the emergence of many online stores. 

Let’s Debate, Traditional vs Digital Marketing 

As mentioned earlier, deciding the answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. It’s no surprise that investing in digital marketing is a great idea for many businesses alike. Avoiding digital content entirely presents a missed opportunity for reaching a wide array of consumers. The same can be said for traditional marketing. Many people still buy products from stores based on traditional marketing techniques. 

So, it sounds like both options provide opportunities. That’s true. When it comes to deciding which method is best for your business, the best place to start is to look at your industry and customer base. If a business is targeting a younger audience it makes more sense to take a digital route. The flip side of this if an older demographic would respond better to traditional marketing. The main takeaway is that both marketing styles have positive and negatives. One, necessarily, isn’t better than the other.  In fact, many businesses incorporate methods of both marketing styles. Many brands send out mail offers while posting on their social media accounts. Incorporating both styles covers all the bases in terms of customers. 


When it comes to this common debate, there isn’t a clear defined answer when it comes to traditional vs. digital marketing.  Both styles of marketing can greatly benefit a business. Major businesses incorporate both. This allows them to reach a high number of customers. Smaller businesses can learn from this and learn to integrate both sides of marketing into their companies. It’s important to note, that a small business doesn’t have to incorporate every aspect of traditional and digital marketing. For instance, a business takes pieces of both. This means a business can have an established social media presence while also places ads on the radio or billboards. Traditional and digital marketing can both positively impact a business. To put it simply, one isn’t better than the other. There are advantages to both it’s just deciding which styles work best for your business. 

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Digital Marketing Defined

Digital Marketing Defined

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is a new form of marketing that has become widely popular in the last decade. The definition of digital marketing states the act of selling products or services by utilizing online marketing tactics. These tactics are broken down into different categories. This being, social media marketing, SEO marketing, and email marketing. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a piece in the average person’s life. Therefore, many businesses have their own profiles. This is where they promote products and engage with the customer. In terms of content, many different forms are available. A picture, a video, a GIF, etc. can be used to market to a consumer base. As previously mentioned, engaging with customers is another bonus of social media marketing. With comments and direct messaging, businesses can answer questions or address concerns easily. 

SEO Marketing 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This form of marketing is about searchability. To simplify, if a consumer wants to find a restaurant they will search using specific keywords. For example, if a person wants a vegan restaurant they will use like plant based, vegan, etc. It’s imperative that a vegan restaurant is at the top of the search results page. In order to do this, people use Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). These ads help get businesses to the of search results. Basically, these ads aid in the search engine’s process of scanning for relevant information. 

Email Marketing Digital_Marketing

Moreover, many businesses use email marketing to attract consumers. Often or not, when a person buys a product they give their email to sign up for special offers and deals. From there, that person will be sent emails. This contains information about new products, sales, and information regarding the company. Although, these offers are randomly sent, occasionally, companies will  often employ a newsletter.  Subsequently, this can be sent out weekly, biweekly, or monthly. This happens, with the purpose of, keeping customers informed. 

What Benefits Does Digital Marketing Provide?

There are many positives that come from implementing digital marketing into a business. Firstly, digital marketing creates the ability to share content easily. This means that consumers can send social media posts to their friends and family. In doing this, a consumer is spreading information about the company. Ultimately, this can garner more customers for a business. This can happen for a low cost or even free. Secondly, digital marketing allows customers to interject their voice into a business. This helps a company know of any issues or if a campaign is running smoothly. Engaging with the target audience also builds relationships and establishes trust.

How To Implement Digital Marketing 

To sum it up, digital marketing is important. It’s easy to see why as the benefits are massive. Transitioning to digital marketing requires a lot of planning. As a result, deciding what type of media works best for a business and their respective target audience is needed. On top of this, assigning employees to work on the campaign can be challenging, especially for small businesses. The Nerds at QuoteNerds are here to help any business looking to expand into the digital world. The Nerds offer a wide variety of marketing services. From PPC ads to designing newsletters the Nerds have got it all. They are the experts. Consequently, they spend all the time in the lab learning the marketing secrets to help businesses all around. 


Traditional Marketing Defined

Traditional Marketing Defined

What is Traditional Marketing? 

When it comes to defining what makes up traditional marketing, it can be a little difficult. Simply because traditional marketing is very broad. There’s a lot of different elements that make up this form of marketing. However, most forms can fall under a few categories. This being, print, direct mail, telephone, and broadcast. 

Print Marketing

Print Marketing is considered the oldest form of marketing. People, from many generations ago, have been using print as a form to market to their surrounding peers. Typically, print marketing is done through the use of magazines, newspapers, and  posters. This is all done to reach consumers indirectly. 

Direct Mail 

Similar to print media, direct mail marketing still uses print materials. However, these materials do differ. Direct mail uses postcards, brochures, catalogs, and letters. These materials are sent directly to consumers through their mail. This allows for targeted materials, since the consumers are receiving the material themselves. tradtional_marketing


This form of marketing is pretty straightforward. It involves the direct calling of consumers to relay information about products or services in an attempt to convince them to purchase the mentioned product. It’s important to mention that this form of marketing has come under fire in recent years. Thus, strict laws have been passed by the U.S federal government to limit some marketing tactics. 

Broadcast Marketing 

This form of marketing revolves around television and radio announcements. Most people have a commercial that sticks in their head, therefore making television marketing effective. The same goes for radio. While many people do not listen to the radio as much today. People listen to music on streaming services or listen to podcasts that have commercials attached to the platform. 

Who Uses Traditional Marketing 

Since many elements fall under traditional marketing, many different types of businesses can utilize this form of marketing in their business. It really depends on a marketing budget that a company sets. For instance a larger business might have the resources to develop commercials for TV broadcasting. On the flip side, a smaller business might stick to printed materials to attract customers. It’s important to mention, broadcasting media is not more effective than print. Both forms are effective, it just depends on the needs of the business and the customer demographic. 

How To Use Traditional Marketing

Marketing is a crucial part to running a successful business. Deciding how to devise a market strategy involves a lot of prior planning before implementing anything. For example, a business must decide who their target demographic is while deciding what employees will be running the marketing campaign. This process varies from business to business. It can present a lot of work and be challenging for many businesses. This is where the Nerds at QuoteNerds can come into help. QuoteNerds offers many different marketing services that aim to build success within a business. The Nerds marketing services cover many of the different elements listed above. For instance, the Nerds can help design and create direct mail marketing campaigns. They help with the hard part of marketing. They are the experts and know this field. Trusting them is a safe option for any business. 


The Importance of Keywords

The Importance of Keywords

The key to success often lies in Keywords! Search terms hold a lot of power when it comes to search optimization. The importance of keywords is clear to businesses trying to be found by different consumers. Understanding how and what customers are looking for is crucial to keeping a business afloat.

What Are Keywords? 

Keywords are very simple. The basic definition is that they are words or phrases of text that aid different search engines in the identification of different topics. To build on this, there are many different programs out there that have specific algorithms that analyze the different words. Subsequently, this process helps the search engine find the best content that matches off the specific words given. 

Why are Keywords Important? 

Traditionally, keywords were primarily used by search engines to understand the topics being covered in an article, per se. A search engine would highlight the word that was searched, in these articles and choose The_Importance_of_keywordsarticles that featured them the most. However, this ultimately led to problems. Since people became aware of this function, it was taken advantage of. It led to articles being jammed packed with specific keywords. Thus, overwhelming search engines. 

It’s important to note that this instance did not invalidate the importance of keywords. Today, many search engines, like Google, have developed smarter programs to utilize keywords. When search engines look at keywords, they are seen as pieces to the puzzle. Many search engines have optimized looking at various topics to provide  better understanding of the topics at hand. To sum up, keywords have always been important. Their usage and science behind them has changed over time. 

How To Implement Keywords

Now, that the relevance of keywords is understood, implementing them would be the next logical step. This is where QuoteNerds comes into play. There is science behind keywords and who better to help with keyword implementation than the Nerds! The Nerds know this specific science all too well. They can help your business become more searchable. The Nerds have a variety of marketing services that focus on keyword implementation. 

For instance, blogging is a great example! The Nerds can help write and publish blog posts that use keywords, the right way, to make your company highly searchable. This also extends to PPC Ad Management The Nerds want to drive traffic to your business and this is the way to do it! QuoteNerds is here to help. They have studied up and earned their PHDs, so they are the experts to trust! 


What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

There are many forms of marketing out there today. They all serve different purposes and can be quite useful. Today, there seems to be two categories for marketing: traditional and digital. While digital marketing has exploded over the years, traditional marketing still serves as a good mechanism to reach customers. Especially, when it comes to direct mail marketing. 

What Is Direct Mail Marketing? 

The true definition of direct mail is the creation and distribution of marketing materials through mail. Customers will receive offers, sales, and coupons this way. Firstly, it allows customers to familiarize themselves with the products or services a company offers. Secondly, it lets customers know about any ongoing sales, discounts, or special offers.  It can be a very effective way to get customers to go out of the way to make a purchase. Direct mail  is very common! If you’ve ever gotten catalogs from a grocery store, for example, then you’ve seen direct mail marketing! 

What Businesses Use This? Direct_Mail_Marketing

Many forms of businesses use direct mail. It’s not limited to one specific business type. As mentioned earlier, grocery stores have been using direct mail for many years now. It’s still highly effective as many people spend time clipping their coupons for the next trip to the store. On top of grocery stores, restaurants are big candidates for direct mail. Using direct mail, restaurants can send out menus and specials to encourage customers to come visit. Not to mention, direct mail is also a useful tool for nonprofit organizations and charities. They can send donation letters and campaign notices. 

It’s obvious that direct mail can be quite useful and can be worked into any business. As stated, it’s quite effective to reach customers. It might fall into traditional marketing, but that doesn’t make it outdated. If you keep a stash of coupons, then you benefit from direct mail.

How Do I Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Now that the usefulness of direct mail marketing has been made clear, the next step is integration into a business. QuoteNerds can help make this idea a reality. As part of our marketing services, we offer direct mail marketing. The Nerds understand the importance of direct mail and are ready to get your company in the mailboxes of many customers. 

Our scientists spend all their time in the lab, creating and designing content for you. We’ll handle the hard part of direct mail. The mail that will be sent out to customers will be eye catching and surely get customers shopping. Let the Nerds help, they love using their brilliant minds creating amazing marketing campaigns for you!