The Best and Worst Ways To Generate Insurance Leads

The Best and Worst Ways To Generate Insurance Leads

In order to keep your business going, you’ll need to generate insurance leads. This means you’ll need to come up with fresh, creative ways to keep your leads pipeline flowing. Of course, not every idea is going to be a winner. There are ways to generate leads that will be successful, and they are ways that are best to be avoided. Here are the best ways and worst ways to generate leads. 

The Best Ways To Generate Leads: 

Establish Strong Content

Content is extremely important to any business. That’s because interesting content is what can bring traffic to your business. This means content needs to be geared towards your customers. Breaking this down, have content that answers commons questions show how your services work, and is interesting to view. This content is not something you slap on the website once and never think about again. Stong content needs to be regularly updated. So, this means creating newsletters, blog content (like this!), or even videos pretty regularly. Content that is new a fresh keeps your website at the top of SEO searches which brings in more leads. 

Get Social

In today’s world, social media is crucial to stay relevant. If you don’t have any social media presence you want to change that immediately. The first thing you need to do is research your audience base. Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to reaching your target audience. You need to understand your customer habits, interest, and demographics. Typically, you can’t go wrong with Facebook. Set up a business profile and fill it with content that will direct customers to your services. Additionally, Facebook is a great tool to interact with your audience. You can talk directly to your leads and even close sales all on your page. 

Plan, Plan, Plan 

When you want to gather new insurance leads, it’s best to have a detailed plan that outlines your goals. When drafting up your plan, make goals that are realistic and achievable. Next, list out the steps you will need to take to reach these milestones. These steps should be a reflection of any data you may have collected. You should focus on achieving goals that target what your prospects want. Using data you can track how people interact with your content. For instance, if a prospect signs up on your website and ends up purchasing your services you can use that interaction as data. This will help you see a complete picture of what is working in your plan and what is not. 

The Worst Ways To Generate Leads

Making It A Challenge

Sometimes challenges are welcomed if you’re playing a video game, for instance. However, when it comes to gathering information about your business a challenge is not the best approach. Contact information is so important. This should be the easiest thing to find on your website. If this is hidden, generating leads will be super difficult. Not to mention, you want to make sure emails sent by customers actually reach you. If you’ve recently updated your email make sure this is reflected on your website, content, and social media accounts. On top of this, it’s a good practice to set up an autoresponder with your email. This is just an extra step that gives your prospects peace of mind knowing their email was received. 

Flying Blind 

As mentioned earlier, planning is always a good approach. Therefore, not planning is something you should not do. Having no plan means you are flying headfirst into a disaster. When creating content, you want to have some sort of intent in mind. Your content should be catered to your audience. If you ignore your audience, your lead source will dwindle. This also applies to your social media content. When you work on your social media presence, create a content calendar. This lets you plan out your content and visualize it, so you can see how your plan will work. Remember, you want to be consistent in creating relevant content that will interest your prospects. 


When it comes to supplying your company pay attention to these best and worst ways to generate insurance leads. This advice will put you on the path to success. 


Rules for Closing Online Insurance Leads

Rules for Closing Online Insurance Leads

Many agents are buying online insurance leads every single day. The insurance industry has jumped on the bandwagon of the online lead generation process. However, just like with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to doing this. Starting with the positives, online leads can serve as an excellent tool for reaching a new client base. The biggest disadvantage is that with online leads becoming more popular the marketplace has become crowded. This means that only the most strategic sales agents will be able to reap all the rewards. When it comes to buying online, agents will have to think creatively when it comes to their closing strategies. Here are some tips for closing online insurance leads.

Be There First 

Potential prospects don’t like waiting around. When they fill out an online form, they know that they will receive a lot of calls. If you are the last agent that gets a hold of a prospect, don’t expect to convert that lead into a sale. The longer you wait, your window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller. To be successful you want to reach this prospect ASAP. However, being the first agent doesn’t do any good if you don’t have some sort of strategy to impress them. You want to wow the prospect with a simple sales pitch and a follow-up to get in touch by email. 

Follow Up 

After contacting a prospect, a solid sales agent knows that’s not the final step in nailing a sale. After a phone call is done, shoot them an email detailing the important information. Prospects have an easier time processing the information if they have some time to read over it. 

Now, a common rookie mistake is giving a prospect too much time. If you don’t hear back from them, follow up with a phone call or another email. If you are a sales agent that actively tries to engage with prospects you already have a leg up on a majority of other sale agents. About 61% of sale agents don’t follow up on leads that come their way. 

It’s important to mention that there is a fine between being an attentive sales agent and an annoying problem. When following up, don’t be too persistent. In the event of a prospect expressing their desire to not be contacted, honor this wish. 

Think Like A Customer 

Potential prospects are going to comparison shop for insurance. When it comes to swaying a customer’s mind, you have to think like a customer. You have to view the buying process in a way that mimics a prospect’s brain. If you have a solid understanding of where the sales opportunities lie along the buying process, you have an advantage over other sales agents. Most of the time, customers are shopping for cheaper deals. However, this is not always the case. As a sales agent, you need to understand a prospect’s needs and preferences to truly nail a sale. It’s an effective way that helps with closing online leads. 

Make Yourself Invaluable 

When you are talking to a prospective customer, it’s always a good idea to be an active listener. Not only that, make it clear, to the person on the phone, that you are invested in establishing their satisfaction. In order to achieve this, you will have to know your stuff. So, be up to date on rates, information, legislation, and any future changes that will affect the prospect. Informing a prospect of all the valuable information helps establish a level of trust. In doing so, a prospect will feel more comfortable with you. Any insurance worries they might have had will start drifting away. It’s much easier closing insurance leads when they see you as a personal guide on their path to success.


When it comes to handling online insurance leads a sales agent will need to be strong and creative in their strategies. Since the market has become over-saturated, you’ll need to stand out from other agents. You need to be engaged and self-disciplined throughout the whole process. Utilize these tips for closing online leads, and you’ll be closing deals left and right.


5 Things To Know About Insurance Leads

5 Things To Know About Insurance Leads

When it comes to insurance leads, they are the foundation of any agency. Having a direct connection between you and customers ensures the success of your agency. However, not all leads are created equal. Some leads will be better than others. So, what makes leads stand out and shine, and what makes a lead turn around and hide? The following are five factors to consider when buying insurance leads. 

1. Volume 

An agent can buy insurance leads in high or low volumes. Smaller agencies can utilize lead filters that can target specific regions to increase their success rates. This method works well because of the low cost-per-lead. The flip side of this is that larger agencies may buy many lead types while using fewer filters. If a larger agency has enough agents to manage the bandwidth of an extensive lead source, this method will work really well. 

So, the best bet when it comes to handling the volume of leads is to look at the size of your agency. A smaller agency that handles a few high-quality leads a month has an advantage over an agency that handles an abundance of low-quality leads. Remember high quality is the best quality. 

2. Source 

Leads can come from various channels. Determining which channel works best for your agency is the first step towards finding high-quality leads. 

  • Search Leads 

These leads are when customers are the ones making the first contact. So, think click-to-call ads. A customer will click on an ad because they are interested in your services. With these leads, agents have to act fast. A customer wants to receive help the moment they interact with your ad. Moving too slow means your customer just went to your competitor.

  • Social Media Leads 

These leads are interest-generated through the various social media platforms. They are a perfect opportunity to connect with prospective customers. However, you have to know your audience in order to effectively use these. Figure out what platform your customers use most to reach them 

  • SEO Leads 

Search engine optimization is when a person searches online for the products you sell. For these leads, your website needs to be equipped with SEO measures. Making it appear at the top of a search engine is a goal. However, SEO leads can be a little slow. Making your website equipped for top results can take weeks. Not to mention there is little control in SEO. How Google prioritizes websites is known by Google alone. 

3. Filtering

A lot of times, companies have pre-determined filters for agencies to work with However, sometimes the options for custom filters are available. They can be a more pricey option, but they provide a lot of benefits. For instance, with custom filtering, you could include factors such as demographics, geographic locations, and current policies. With filters, it’s best to start broad and then narrow them down with consistent use. Whatever factors don’t work just take them out altogether. 

4. Return Policy 

Found a great company with high-quality leads? Check their return policy. A truly exceptional company will have an equally exceptional return policy. Lead companies should take serious measures to exclude leads that are not up to standards. Unfortunately, sometimes bad leads slip through the cracks and end up in your lap. When this happens, how does the company react to a bad lead? 

Find out what their standards are for bad leads and what the return policy is. If a company leaves you high and dry with a bad lead, you should question how strong their leads are overall. 

5. Exclusivity 

If agents are all buying the same leads, success rates will definitely take a hit. Exclusive leads are your best bet. They are sold to one agent and only one agent. Just like that competition is gone. POOF! It’s important to take into consideration that exclusive leads are going to have a higher price tag attached to them. If you’re planning on only utilizing exclusive leads, this will eat a chunk of your budget. The best method is to use these types of insurance leads as a supplement in your pipeline. 

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Insurance Leads You Should Buy Now

Insurance Leads You Should Buy Now

Looking to build up your agency? Want to increase your sales and consumer base? You need strong insurance leads that will work towards these goals. There are many insurance lead types out in the world. Learning which type will fit perfectly into your sales pipeline is a must. We’re going to break down the different types of leads. Learn all the valuable information in one go. Here are five insurance leads you should buy. 

1. Real-Time Leads 

Real-time leads happen, you guessed it, in real-time. These work fast. A prospect will fill out a request. Once they do so, you’ll be able to contact that person while they are in the buying mood. Now, because of their quick action, they tend to run a higher cost than other leads. To use these leads effectively, agents will need to prioritize them to get their full worth. However, the payout for doing so will put a big smile on your face. 

2. Live Transfer Leads 

Live transfer leads come from verified customers who match your agency’s filter preferences. When a potential buyer matches the listed filters, a qualified call center will screen them to determine their intent. After this, the call center connects you to the buyer. This effectively cuts down the time it takes to dial out to customers. Live transfer leads are the perfect tool to add as a supplement to your sales strategy. 

3. Click-to-Call Leads 

Also known as search leads, these work when the prospects make the first interaction. This means a prospect was already looking for your services. They see an ad and click on it. Then BOOM! You’re on the phone with a customer who is interested in buying what you offer. For click-to-call leads, agents need to be readily available. If an agent is not there to help a prospect, they will move onto your competitor. 

4. Exclusive Insurance Leads 

Exclusive leads are like a little gift to your agency. They are only sold to you. As you know, the insurance industry can be competitive. Having an advantage over other agencies is truly beneficial. With exclusive leads, you can just step around the competition. It’s like having a shortcut. However, exclusivity comes with a price. It’s important to know what your agency can afford. Exclusive leads bought in even low quantities can still be a great asset for your sales strategy. 

5. Shared Insurance Leads 

Now, I know this sounds counter-intuitive given how exclusive ads were just praised for being, well, exclusive. Shared leads can still have an element of exclusivity. That’s because of filters! If your filters differ from a competing agency, this can narrow down the playing field. 


There are many lead types out there. They all have their benefits. The next step is to determine which leads will fit best into your agency. Overall, these are the five insurance leads you should buy. 

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Super Saving Leads

Super Saving Leads

We’ve been cooking up a very special offer for our fellow sales agents. To make these leads, we have spent many hours in the lab creating this perfect concoction. There’s no need to worry, our Super Saving Leads are of the highest quality. They will effectively supply your sales pipeline. 

What Are Super Saving Leads? 

Our Super Saving Leads are created with a budget-friendly mindset. This means they will not cost an arm and leg to mix into your existing lead source. They are cost-efficient but will show amazing results once implemented into your agency. These leads are in real-time and generated via the internet. They have a high receptivity to quotes. Not to mention, they are also TCPA and DNC compliant. Additionally, prospects can be called/texted for up to 90 days. 

What’s The Cost? 

As stated above, these are very safe for a budget-conscious agency. We have three different options that can fit into any budget. These leads are broken down into $1 leads $3-$6 leads and $7-$10 leads. Whatever fit is best for your agency, the Nerds will help. We guide you through the whole process to make sure your leads are set up for success. 

What Can I Get These For? 

With creative filtering options, agents have a wide range to choose from with our Super Saving Leads. If your agency needs home, health, life, legal, commercial, auto, solar, and warranty leads; we have got you covered! There are an abundance of choices for your agency to pick from. We aim to help as many sales agents as we can, thus, we have fully developed our Super Saving Leads to be the best that they can be! 

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Book A Free Demo With The Nerds

Book A Free Demo With The Nerds

When it comes to your workweek, you want to make the most of it. There’s only a certain number of hours per week that you have to get everything done. Being a sales agent probably means you have a lot on your plate. This means you probably don’t want to waste a lot of time chasing the wrong leads. Well, do the Nerds have some good news for you. We’re offering exclusive free lead demo sessions that allow you to learn all about our fantastic leads in a quick, convenient manner. 

What Can I Expect From These Free Lead Demo Sessions? 

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