Looking to build up your agency? Want to increase your sales and consumer base? You need strong insurance leads that will work towards these goals. There are many insurance lead types out in the world. Learning which type will fit perfectly into your sales pipeline is a must. We’re going to break down the different types of leads. Learn all the valuable information in one go. Here are five insurance leads you should buy. 

1. Real-Time Leads 

Real-time leads happen, you guessed it, in real-time. These work fast. A prospect will fill out a request. Once they do so, you’ll be able to contact that person while they are in the buying mood. Now, because of their quick action, they tend to run a higher cost than other leads. To use these leads effectively, agents will need to prioritize them to get their full worth. However, the payout for doing so will put a big smile on your face. 

2. Live Transfer Leads 

Live transfer leads come from verified customers who match your agency’s filter preferences. When a potential buyer matches the listed filters, a qualified call center will screen them to determine their intent. After this, the call center connects you to the buyer. This effectively cuts down the time it takes to dial out to customers. Live transfer leads are the perfect tool to add as a supplement to your sales strategy. 

3. Click-to-Call Leads 

Also known as search leads, these work when the prospects make the first interaction. This means a prospect was already looking for your services. They see an ad and click on it. Then BOOM! You’re on the phone with a customer who is interested in buying what you offer. For click-to-call leads, agents need to be readily available. If an agent is not there to help a prospect, they will move onto your competitor. 

4. Exclusive Insurance Leads 

Exclusive leads are like a little gift to your agency. They are only sold to you. As you know, the insurance industry can be competitive. Having an advantage over other agencies is truly beneficial. With exclusive leads, you can just step around the competition. It’s like having a shortcut. However, exclusivity comes with a price. It’s important to know what your agency can afford. Exclusive leads bought in even low quantities can still be a great asset for your sales strategy. 

5. Shared Insurance Leads 

Now, I know this sounds counter-intuitive given how exclusive ads were just praised for being, well, exclusive. Shared leads can still have an element of exclusivity. That’s because of filters! If your filters differ from a competing agency, this can narrow down the playing field. 


There are many lead types out there. They all have their benefits. The next step is to determine which leads will fit best into your agency. Overall, these are the five insurance leads you should buy. 

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